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Send without contract

You can easily send your business packages even without a contract. Purchase a parcel online and bring it to one of over 2,300 Matkahuolto service outlets: parcel locker, K-store, R-Kiosk or Matkahuolto terminal. A Multi-Parcel with 10 parcels of a size of your choosing is the easiest way.

Send parcels online

Buy a parcel delivery online. Take your parcel to any Matkahuolto service outlet within seven days. Use the Service Point Search to look up the nearest service outlet. Write the activation code clearly on the package and take it to Matkahuolto’s parcel locker or the service outlet cashier. If you wish, you can print the attached parcel address card and glue it to the parcel, but this is not necessary. To track the progress of your parcel using the consignment number, go to Track & Trace.

We deliver your parcel within 1-3 business days. When the parcel is available for pick-up, we will notify the consignee by SMS or email. The consignee can receive the parcel by presenting identification: a driving license, passport or police-issued ID card or, if the parcel is picked up by someone other than the consignee, identification and a power of attorney.

You can use the parcel locker to send and pick up parcels with a maximum size of 30 kg and 70 x 40 x 55 cm. For parcels with a maximum size of 30 kg and 60 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm, you have to go to the other service outlets of Matkahuolto. To send and pick up even larger parcels, please go to a Matkahuolto terminal or Matkahuolto agent outlet.

Serial Parcel

If you send a large number of identical parcels, it is advisable to buy a Serial Parcel for 10 deliveries.

By purchasing a Serial Parcel, you get ten shipments that are valid for one year from the date of purchase. You may use the Serial Parcel activation codes either one by one or all at once. Each parcel may have a different recipient.

Buy Serial Parcel using the Parcels app
1. Parcels app: Click first “Add” and then “Serial Parcel”. Select size and pay for the order.
2. After the purchase, you will be able to send Serial Parcels simply by entering the recipient’s contact details and selecting the preferred parcel locker or pick-up point.

Buy Serial Parcel on Matkahuolto’s website
1. Select the preferred size and enter you contact details.
2. You will receive a confirmation in your inbox showing the Serial Parcel number.
3. You will be able to send the parcel by entering your e-mail address and Serial Parcel number on the website: Use Serial Parcel or your MyData after log-in.
Orders placed using the Serial Parcel activation codes cannot be cancelled. Unused codes will not be refunded by Matkahuolto.

If your need for shipping is continuous and you send several parcels each month, you may want to become a contract customer.

Track the parcel

Enter the consignment number in the field.

Serial parcel

Buying one serial parcel gives you ten deliveries.
Buy a serial parcel
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