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Terms and conditions of the Matkahuolto Trips and Tickets mobile app

Conditions for Matkahuolto’s Journey Planner and Tickets Application

Use Oy Matkahuolto Ab’s (“Matkahuolto”) Journey Planner and Tickets Application (“Application”) to look up public transport routes based on address and maps, buy tickets for the journeys proposed by the Application, buy mobile tickets without a route search, review your purchase history and send a receipt of your purchase transaction to your e-mail.

The tickets purchased using Matkahuolto’s Application are governed by the then-current ticket conditions. By buying a ticket using the Application, you accept these conditions and other terms included in the conditions by reference. If you do not accept these conditions, you cannot use the Application. Click here to read the current conditions related to tickets.

Right and terms of use

When you activate the service, you will be given the right to use the Application and you undertake to comply with these terms of use and other relevant conditions in force at any given time. When registering as a user, you must be 15 yeas of age and have full legal competence. Those under 15 may use the Application with the guardian’s consent. Additionally, you must have a valid e-mail address to be able to active the Application.
Your right of use is valid indefinitely, and you can terminate the agreement at any time by deleting the Application.

Processing of personal data

The information you provide will be stored in the customer register in which all Matkahuolto App users are entered. Matkahuolto will process all your information in accordance with the applicable legislation, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, national laws and Matkahuolto’s privacy statement.

Matkahuolto is entitled, at any time, to transfer your personal and location data to coach operators and Matkahuolto’s partners for the purpose of providing the transport service purchased using the App.

Matkahuolto may use the information collected in this manner for purposes described in its privacy statement, such as developing its monitoring and statistics system related to the electronic services (e.g. online and mobile services) and for facilitating online transactions.

Changes to the terms of use or assignment of the agreement

Matkahuolto may make changes to these terms of use or other conditions related to the Application or its use by informing you of the change in the Application. To be able to continue using the Application, you need to accept the changed terms.

Matkahuolto may assign the agreement to another member company of the Matkahuolto Group or a third party by informing you of the assignment in the Application or by e-mail. At the same time, Matkahuolto may release the user data to the assignee.

Terminating the service

Matkahuolto may decide to terminate the Application without a specific notice of termination. However, Matkahuolto will ensure that the journeys purchased using the Application will be operated in accordance with the then-current ticket conditions. Matkahuolto may also cancel your right to use the Application, if it has a reason to believe that you are using the Application in violation of the terms of use, or you have failed to provide correct information for registration, or you fail to comply with the terms of use of the Application or other conditions related to the tickets purchased using the Application, or you are acting in violation of the law or generally accepted practice.

Intellectual property rights

The Application includes content – such as the visual design and content of the Application – protected by the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of Matkahuolto or a third party. You will only receive a limited right of use to this content in accordance with these terms of use and only for the purpose of using the Application. Without the express written permission of Matkahuolto or other rightholder, you may not distribute, store, display, convey, forward, make available to the public or otherwise commercially exploit the protected content.

Limitation of liability

Matkahuolto is not liable for any errors of the Application, problems with data communications, unavailability of the service or any flaws or errors in its operation. Matkahuolto’s liability to you or third parties is limited to direct loss and damage and the price of the ticket purchased using the Application, unless otherwise provided by law.

Governing law and settlement of disputes

Where possible, any disputes between you and Matkahuolto will be settled amicably through negotiations between the parties. Failing that, the dispute will be referred to the Helsinki District Court or, alternatively, to the district court of your domicile. If disputes cannot be settled through negotiations, you can also file a complaint with the Consumer Disputes Board (Kuluttajariitalautakunta, Hämeentie 3, PL 306, 00531 Helsinki,

Contact details

Matkahuolto’s website: Oy Matkahuolto Ab, Post address: PL 100, 00101 Helsinki Customer Service: E-mail:

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