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Services to registered clients 

It is worth registering as a Matkahuolto client. By registering, you will have access to several useful services. Register as a customer here.


View upcoming and past journeys

If you are registered, you can check all the bus tickets you have bought at the same place. Tickets purchased from Matkahuolto’s ticket shop and their receipts are available on the Bus tickets page of the My trips menu.

Save your favourite routes

As a registered customer, you can save your favourite routes in the Matkahuolto timetable search. Searching timetables and buying a ticket is easy when you can choose from your saved favourite routes.

Simplify your ticket purchase

When making a purchase, you can save your payment card details, which can then be found in the registered customer’s personal data. You can also select the fare group you want to use (e.g. adult, student) and save an identifier for your ticket purchase, which the driver can use to check your right to travel when you get on the bus.


Track outgoing and incoming parcels 

You can track your outgoing and incoming parcels online. Parcels will appear in the tracking system as soon as their consignment has been purchased. You will also be able to view the dimension and weight data of your outgoing and incoming parcels for all consignments with dimension data.  You will also see the locker code of the incoming parcel for pick-up.

Speed up sending 

Sending is easy because the information of registered clients is already filled in and all you need to do is enter the recipient’s details. 

Change recipient details after sending

You can change the recipient’s details even after you have purchased delivery for your parcel. You can change the pick-up point before you bring the parcel to the parcel point or parcel locker, and you can change the name of the recipient before the delivery of the parcel to the pick-up point starts.

Extend your parcel’s storage time 

If you are unable to pick up your parcel within the storage time, you can purchase additional storage time online in increments of 7, 14 or 21 days. You can also extend the storage time for other consignments, unless the consignor has prevented such extension or the parcel is in a parcel locker. 

Purchase home delivery for your parcel 

If you are unable to pick up your parcel at a parcel point, you can easily purchase home delivery online.  You can also purchase home delivery for other consignments, unless the consignor has prevented you from purchasing home delivery or the parcel is in a parcel locker. 

Return parcel

You can activate the return of your online order with just a few clicks. You will receive an activation code that allows you to leave your return shipment at any parcel point or parcel locker. More information.

Stay up to date

You will always be among the first to know about new Matkahuolto services, partner offers and any changes by subscribing to the Matkahuolto newsletter.

Summary receipt

Use this function to download a summary of your parcel and multi-parcel online purchases during the chosen period. The summary shows the purchases you have made while logged in to the online service.

We will continue to add new services for registered clients.  

Sign up and log on to your own services

Register as a customer and sign in to your own services

Send a domestic or international parcel

Prices starting from €5.70 for domestic and €9.90 for international parcels.

Timetables and ticket purchase

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