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Demand responsive transport - public transport according to customers’ routes and schedules

Demand responsive transport enables smooth, equal, accessible and attractive public transport services for residentseven in small towns and less populated areas.

Demand responsive transport allows

Efficient use of resources for municipalities and wellbeing services counties

  • One solution for all - regardless of age and condition

  • Better and more efficient transport service by combining the resources of disabled and elderly transport (Act on Disability Services and Assistance, Social Welfare Act, Health Insurance Act) and public transport

  • Better use of vehicle capacity with automated routing and pooling

  • Fewer cars, less emissions from transport and a more sustainable lifestyle

Easy mobility for all residents

  • According to your own schedule, from door to door

  • No need to own a car

  • Reliable and accessible transport also for the disabled and elderly (Act on Disability Services and Assistance, Social Welfare Act, Health Insurance Act)

  • Better access to train and bus services: door-to-door travel chains from one place to another

  • Enabling the elderly and disabled, as well as children and young people, to move around independently

  • Increasing the appeal of your municipality

Our customers

“Ukikyyti is a flexible form of public transport, an easy and high-quality alternative to private cars in Uusikaupunki, where there has been no regular public transport before. Despite the coronavirus, all our expectations regarding the number of users have been exceeded. According to a customer survey, the majority of users feel that Ukikyyti has made their daily life significantly easier.”

Leena Arvela-Hellén, City Architect

“Kyläkyyti has allowed us to resolve the issue of low public transport availability in sparsely populated areas.” Kyläkyyti improves mobility for different age groups and reduces reliance on cars. One third of Kyläkyyti users say that car use in their household has decreased thanks to Kyläkyyti.”

Hanna-Linna Varis, Head of Traffic Planning


Matkahuolto services for providers of demand responsive transport

Booking app for users Trips and Tickets

  • Booking, paying or just reserving a seat, 24/7 cancellation and real-time monitoring and contact with the driver

  • Promotional discounts and tailored pricing or a billing agreement for specific groups (e.g. disabled/social support, staff, visitors)

  • The whole door-to-door travel chain with one order, including all public transport routes and tickets in Finland.

Demand responsive transport platform

  • Automated routing, pooling and dispatch system

  • Booking Centre user interface

  • Driver app for Android devices

  • Service configuration, maintenance and reporting '

Customer service

  • Customer service chat via the Trips and Tickets app (weekdays 8-16)

  • Booking Centre


  • Service planning

  • Marketing and communications planning and materials

  • Advice on how to use the app, e.g. for the elderly

  • Collecting feedback through surveys and interviews

  • Analysis and reporting of results


  • Costs and benefits

  • Combining different transport services across sectors

Get in touch and request a demo!

Johanna Taskinen
Johanna Taskinen
Development Manager
040 757

Using open DRT for paratransit service saves money

Demand responsive transport (DRT) uses the same vehicle capacity for trips by different customers, pooling and routing transports efficiently.
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