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Matkahuolto has been enjoying huge popularity among Fotonordic’s online customers.

Fotonordic is an online store specialising in light, video and mobile photography – one of the biggest in Finland. Aside from an online store catering for customers across Finland, Fotonordic operates a brick-and-mortar shop in its hometown Oulu.

Fotonordic attracts customers from all over Finland, from large corporations and professional photographers to highly-skilled amateurs and beginners.

Fotonordic receives a great deal of credit for its expertise, a well-run online store, friendly customer service, fast deliveries and a huge product range. To ensure well-oiled operations, all component parts need to click into place – something that Fotonordic has succeeded in.

Fast service and smooth cooperation with Matkahuolto

“It’s been great to work with Matkahuolto. We appreciate the possibility of getting in touch with a contact person, customer service desk or local Matkahuolto terminal to clear things up quickly. Even special situations are addressed efficiently by Matkahuolto. For example, we’ve been able to book extra pick-ups on Black Fridays, meaning that parcels leave our warehouse several times a day,” says Veera Uutinen, Fotonordic’s Operations Manager.

“Fotonordic is a superbly managed online store which puts the customer first. This is something we have in common. It’s been a pleasure to work with this growing and advancing company over the years,” says Matkahuolto’s Area Sales Manager Lauri Linnanmäki.

Efficient returns is an important part of customer service

“Matkahuolto gets a big plus for its new parcel return service, which makes it possible to file returns by logging on to Matkahuolto’s website and completing the return notice there. After filing the notice, the customer can take the parcel to the preferred parcel terminal or pick-up point. It doesn’t have to be returned to the same location where it was picked up,” Veera continues.

“Also, Matkahuolto scores points for speed because the parcels return to us really quickly. With other logistics partners, a return may take up to a week when Matkahuolto only needs a couple of days. Quick returns clearly improves the standard of customer service as the customer receives a new product or refund without having to wait unnecessarily,” Veera says.

How did Fotonordic’s story begin?

The company was founded in 2005 by Janne Rajala, a keen photography enthusiast. Together with a couple of friends, he started ordering photography accessories from abroad and reselling them in his garage. At the same time, he discovered that there was a clear need for a Finnish online store – and founded one. Initially, Fotonordic’s business grew at a moderate pace but the growth rate has really taken off in recent years.

Check out the Fotonordic online store by clicking on the logo below!

Fotonordic Logo 700px (002)

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