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Matkahuolto’s general conditions of travel

Matkahuolto’s general conditions of travel apply to domestic tickets purchased from Matkahuolto and nationwide series tickets. International and local ticket products are governed by a different set of regulations specific to the type of the ticket product involved.

Bus tickets

Prices and fares

When selling tickets, Matkahuolto applies the price lists and discount terms reported by bus operators.


Matkahuolto grants discounts on tickets as defined by bus operators. Each passenger is only entitled to one discount at a time (e.g. students are not entitled to a discount for a return ticket in addition to the student discount). To qualify for a discount, passengers must present proof of their entitlement to the discount when buying the ticket and boarding the bus.

Period of validity

EBus Tickets and Special Offer eBus Tickets purchased from Matkahuolto website or using the mobile application are valid for the day and service for which they have been purchased.

Refunds for unused tickets

EBus tickets and Special Offer eBus Tickets can not be changed.

You can cancel a an eBus Ticket up to 24 hours before departure using the eBus Ticket cancellation form. If your departure is scheduled for the weekend or a red-letter day or weekday after weekend/red-letter day, you must request cancellation on the previous weekday. If your departure is scheduled for Christmas Eve or Midsummer Day's Eve you must request cancellation on the previous weekday. A charge of EUR 9.00 applies. All eBus Ticket and Special Offer eBus Tickets whether purchased from Matkahuolto agents, travel agencies or at Matkahuolto’s website or using the mobile application may be cancelled.

When a ticket is cancelled, Matkahuolto repurchases either the entire purchase transaction or parts of it. For example, if you have a return ticket, it is possible to cancel only the outbound or return ticket. A return ticket may be cancelled in part or in full 24 hours before the outbound departure. Cancellation can only be made once: if you have cancelled your outbound trip, you can no longer cancel the return trip separately.

If you wish to request ticket cancellation, complete the eBus Ticket cancellation formc.

Nationwide series tickets

Matkahuolto’s season and series tickets will be gradually transferred to the Trips and Tickets app during spring 2023. Travel cards are on sale and can be topped up until 30 June. After that, season and series tickets will be available for purchase alongside other tickets in the Trips and Tickets app.

Period of validity

The nationwide series tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase. The series tickets on travel cards can be used up to 30 June 2024. The nationwide series tickets are good for all services that accept the Matkahuolto Travel Card.

Refunds for unused tickets

When a refund is made for the unused value of annual tickets, the fare for each trip is calculated at the standard rate without discounts. The sum total of all used trips is then subtracted from the total price paid for the ticket. Any difference is then refunded to the customer. Claims for refunds must be made within one month of the date of expiry of the ticket concerned.

After that, no refunds are made for any unused trips. If, however, you top up your Travel Card while the ticket product is still valid, the right to use any unused trips for travel will be extended. The period of validity of an annual ticket is indicated on the sales receipt. Also, the period of validity of the ticket can be checked onboard buses.

Bus ticket refunds are subject to a service charge of EUR 9.00.

Travel cards

It is advisable to keep the Travel Card in the protective sleeve provided to protect it from dirt, scratches and bending. Matkahuolto accepts no responsibility for any costs arising from the loss or careless handling of the card.

The value of the remaining season or trips stored on a lost Travel Card is eligible for refund subject to Matkahuolto’s Refund Terms and Conditions, excluding any trips made on or prior to the notification date or the period of time elapsed by said date. A request for investigation may be submitted to Matkahuolto´s customer service. The investigation request and claim for refund must be accompanied by the purchase receipt of the latest Travel Card top-up. An investigation fee of €20 will be charged when the claim for refund is made. Any refund will be paid to the customer’s bank account following completion of the investigation.

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