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The environmentally friendly transport solutions offered by Matkahuolto go hand in hand with the values of the House of Organic

“As a Finnish online store, it is important for us to cooperate with domestic operators, one of which is Matkahuolto. We use the most ecological and environmentally friendly packaging materials for our shipments. The environmentally friendly transport solutions offered by Matkahuolto go hand in hand with our values. Together with Matkahuolto, we are moving towards carbon neutrality,” says Jyri Linna, the founder and Head of eCommerce of the House of Organic.

The House of Organic appreciates:

• Responsibility
• Environmentally friendly transport
• Domestic supply
• Caring for society and providing job opportunities

Founded in 2016, the House of Organic is a Finnish online store for natural cosmetics and wellness products for whom quality consciousness is a way of life. The House of Organic is a modern player in the natural cosmetics market, paving the way for natural cosmetics brands that offer excellent value for money.

“The values of Matkahuolto are well aligned with what our customer, the Houser of Organic, cares about,” says Anne-Marie Pakarinen, Regional Sales Manager.

The House of Organic – natural cosmetics belong to everyone

From the very beginning, it has been clear and the aim of the House of Organic, those natural cosmetics belong to everyone, and therefore the House of Organic is to offer mainly low-cost, effective, and ecologically sustainable alternatives. With its exemplary actions, the House of Organic is already making it possible for natural cosmetics to become a superior alternative to supermarket cosmetics near future.

We always act responsibly and that’s why our product range is always natural, ecological and ethical

The House of Organic gives priority to officially certified natural cosmetics, but also accepts cosmetic brands whose products meet the level required by the certificates. These include small domestic cosmetics companies that cannot necessarily afford to obtain certificates, but use only raw materials and manufacturing methods for their products that match the principles of natural cosmetics. The House of Organic is a full-service operator whose every decision is guided by transparency, honesty, quality consciousness and a desire to offer only the best for the people around us and the environment. In addition to natural cosmetics, the House of Organic offers high-quality organic food and natural supplements.

Click the logo to check out the House of Organic online store!

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