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Familon’s partnership with Matkahuolto enables sustainable deliveries – quickly and reliably. – sustainable sleep pillow by pillow

Familon has offered wellness products and solutions since 1966 to help people sleep well and improve their health. While Familon products are primarily designed to contribute to good sleep, they also represent a commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and compliance with the principles of sustainable development. For Familon, CSR means choices that promote the well-being of both people and the environment along the entire value chain from design and manufacture to transportation.

Matkahuolto helps generate positive environmental impacts

Matkahuolto is committed to doing its share in the fight against climate change and reinforce its positive environmental impact. To do so, we focus specifically on promoting environmentally friendly transport solutions and supporting sustainable mobility. Efforts to mitigate climate change by reducing emissions play a key part in Matkahuolto’s operations. Matkahuolto’s goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in parcel services and in-house operations by 2030.

Familon offers extra comfortable pillows, covers and other sleep products delivered to your home by Matkahuolto with minimal environmental impact.

“Matkahuolto’s deliveries are highly reliable and its service network is truly extensive. From Familon’s perspective, Matkahuolto’s strength lies in its ability to combine parcel deliveries with passenger traffic. This cooperation contributes to the attainment of Familon’s sustainability goals,” says Tuuli Roth, Head of the online store.

“The quality of service has proved excellent and we’ve received positive customer feedback on the deliveries. Matkahuolto’s deliveries are highly reliable and its service network is truly extensive,” Roth continues.

“Cooperation with Familon is smooth. We’re proud to note that 89% of the deliveries from Familon in Heinola to pick-up points all over Finland have this year arrived on the following day!,” says Matkahuolto’s Key Customer Account Manager Juhani Leppänen.

“A common denominator for us is that sustainability lies at the core of the business in both companies. Finnish consumers selected Matkahuolto as the most sustainable parcel delivery and logistics brand in Finland in 2021. Combining parcel deliveries with passenger services is one of the features that makes us stand out from the crowd,” Juhani Leppänen adds.

An increasing number of online store customers select Matkahuolto’s Near Parcel as the preferred delivery option. This helps contribute to sustainable sleep – pillow by pillow.

Check out the online store by clicking on the logo below!

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