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Matkahuolto delivers most of the parcels from Kontti's online store

Kontti posts its products online

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Kontti opened its first online store on 10 February 2021. The store operates in the same manner as the brick-and-mortar shops: it sells donated goods and collects money for the relief work carried out by the Finnish Red Cross.

Kontti is part of the Red Cross

Kontti is a chain of second-hand stores operated by the Finnish Red Cross. All the proceeds from the Kontti online store and 12 shops are used for relief work in Finland and abroad.

The online store makes Kontti’s second-hand finds available to more people.

The online store offers a wide assortment of products from interior decoration items, tableware and home textiles to books, recordings and clothing accessories such as jewellery and handbags. As the products change all the time, there is always something new on offer.

It took more than a year to build the online store. Kontti is keen to expand the operation now that the basic systems are in place. The product range expands daily and will in future include furniture. The Kontti online store delivers orders all over the Finnish mainland.

Konttis online store

Matkahuolto is the preferred carrier for Kontti customers

“When setting up the online store, it was important to determine how the donations can best be put up for sale online and what sort of online store was the best for Kontti. It’s been an interesting learning process. With the online store, Kontti will be able to offer a diversified range of duties for the staff,” says Kontti’s Online Store Manager Sari Vahtera.

Matkahuolto is the preferred carrier for Kontti’s customers, who have been satisfied with the speed of delivery. One of the main reasons for Kontti to select Matkahuolto as its partner was sustainability – a policy shared by both. Of the delivery options offered by Matkahuolto, the most popular is the Near Parcel, while smaller items are also delivered as XXS parcels. The locker terminals are the most popular pick-up points.

“It’s wonderful to be part of the Kontti online store narrative! Matkahuolto too seeks to promote recycling and an ecological way of life. Our partners include RePack, among others. Read more about it. A significant percentage of the parcels are transported by coaches that also carry passengers. This reduces the need for resources, minimises the impact on the environment and promotes public transport in Finland,” says Matkahuolto’s Area Sales Manager Anne-Marie Pakarinen.

Where does the money collected by Kontti go?

Two-thirds of the funds collected by Kontti are used for regional relief work carried out by the Red Cross districts and chapters in Finland. They work with and help local communities. The districts and chapters offer training for volunteers that help maintain a state of readiness in case of, say, major fires or situations in which psychological support is called for.

One-third of the money is credited to the Disaster Relief Fund that provides assistance to emergency sites in Finland and globally. In Finland, assistance from the Disaster Relief Fund is available to victims of unforeseen accidents, etc.

Where the money go

By making purchases in Kontti you join the network of donators

Moreover, recycling is an important contribution to the environment. Kontti has become a major source of funding for the Red Cross. This year Kontti celebrates its 20th anniversary.

By donating you help ensure the efficiency of relief efforts

Kontti accepts intact and clean items in good condition. Whatever you feel you can give to a friend, you can also donate to Kontti. Kontti’s product range includes affordable basic items that quickly find a new home. Additionally, there is a selection of more valuable brand products and collector’s items. Kontti finds it important to treat the donations respecting the donator and the value of items. Read more about it →

Read more about it →

Check out the Kontti online store by clicking on the logo below!

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