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Matkahuolto is an important partner for Tam-Silk

Based in Kangasla, Central Finland, Tam-Silk is a privately owned company that employs 40 people. It is owned by Jari Tuovinen, Pekka Siivonen-Uotila, Tuomo Saarni, Sonja Ahtiainen and Timo Häkkinen. They are all committed to reviving the textile industry in Finland and creating jobs for local residents.

Tam-Silk – Finnish garments for nearly 100 years

Tam-Silk is a responsible and ethical employer that manufactures all its high-quality products locally from start to finish. Tam-Silk uses clean, ecological materials and the entire production process is closely controlled. Tam-Silk’s online store offers the full range of company brands: Tam-Silk, Neulomo and Kalsarit.

To ensure competitiveness, Tam-Silk needs Matkahuolto’s fast delivery services to online customers

“Matkahuolto is an extremely important partner for Tam-Silk. Much of Tam-Silk’s competitive success depends on being able to deliver orders to its online customers as quickly as possible. As a Finnish company, we can’t afford to lose to foreign competitors in delivery speed,” says Jussi Hietaranta who is responsible for marketing. Of the delivery options available, the most popular among Tam-Silk customers are the XXS and Near Parcels.

"Matkahuolto offers it customers high-speed, transparent deliveries that can be easily tracked by the recipients. Also, there are a number of extra services available that can be ordered via our website. The easiest way of doing so is to register as a Matkahuolto customer,” says Area Sales Manager Anne-Marie Pakarinen.

Sustainability is an important driver for Matkahuolto in all its operations. Read more about sustainability at Matkahuolto.

Tam-Silk is a responsible social enterprise that seeks to contribute to the local community in a number of small ways

Tam-Silk is the only garment manufacturer in Finland to have been awarded the Finnish Social Enterprise Mark.

It is a label granted by the Association for Finnish Work, indicating that the company seeks to find solutions to social or environmental problems, is willing to shoulder its share of corporate responsibility and contribute to society.

For example, during the COVIC-19 pandemic, Tam-Silk donated fabric face masks to all the 200 upper and secondary level students in Kangasala.

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Tam-Silk - the most positive company in 2021

In the year beset by the COVIC-19 pandemic, Tam-Silk Oy has demonstrated exceptional media agility, marketing acumen and capacity for renewal.

As the most positive company in Kangasala, Tam-Silk has thrived in a traditional line of business and been able to highlight Finnish know-how and business skills in the face of foreign competition from cheap imports. Even in 2020, Tam-Silk Oy was able to increase its revenues and hire new people .

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Check out the Tam-Silk online store by clicking on the logo below!

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