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Terms and conditions of Matkahuolto Paketit mobile application

Oy Matkahuolto Ab’s (“Matkahuolto”) Paketit mobile app (the “Application”) allows you to track the shipment of your parcels, to purchase additional services related to the delivery of the shipment (such as the extension of the storage period or home delivery) and to purchase parcel shipment services.

Matkahuolto’s valid terms and conditions for services apply to the services purchased through the Application. These terms and conditions are available to you at the time of placing an order.

Access right and terms of use

When you register as a user, you will be granted access to the Application and you undertake to comply with these terms of use. You must be at least 13 years old to register. Children under the age of 13 years are not allowed to use the Application. You must also have a valid email address to activate the Application.

Your access right is valid until further notice and you can terminate the agreement concerning the use of the Application at any time by removing the Application. Please note that removing the Application will not remove the profile you have created in Matkahuolto’s electronic services. However, the Application contains a specific feature for removing the profile.

Use of personal data

The information you provide will be stored in Matkahuolto’s customer register. Matkahuolto will process all your information in accordance with the applicable legislation, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, national laws and applicable privacy statements.

Matkahuolto is entitled, at any time, to share the personal data you provide in the App with Matkahuolto’s partners for the purpose of providing the service purchased using the App.

Matkahuolto may use the information collected in this manner for purposes described in its privacy statement, such as developing its monitoring and statistics system related to the electronic services (e.g. online and mobile services) and for facilitating online transactions.

Amendments and agreement transfers

Matkahuolto is entitled to amend these terms of use or any other terms and conditions that are valid until further notice and which apply to the Application, its use or any orders for services submitted via the Application by notifying you of the change in the Application or by other means. You must approve the amended terms if you wish to continue using the Application.

Matkahuolto is entitled to transfer the agreement to its group companies or to a third party by notifying you of the transfer in the Application or via email. Matkahuolto is also entitled to disclose data concerning the users to the transferee at that point in time.

Termination of the service

Matkahuolto can decide to cease providing the Application without a special notice of termination. Matkahuolto will, however, ensure that any services that have already been purchased via the Application will be provided in accordance with the terms that applied at the time.

Matkahuolto may also cancel your right to use the Application if it has a justified reason to suspect that you are using the Application in a manner that breaches the terms of use, that you have not provided correct information upon registration, that you are not complying with the other terms and conditions that apply to the Application or to the services purchased via the Application, or that you are acting in breach of the law or good practice.

Intellectual property rights

The Application contains material that is protected by the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right of Matkahuolto or a third party, such as e.g., the layout of the Application and its contents. You are granted only a limited right to use these materials in accordance with these terms of use, and only for the purposes of your use of the Application. You may not, without the express written consent of Matkahuolto or another applicable rights proprietor, disseminate, record, publicly display, supply, forward, make available to the public or otherwise commercially benefit from the protected materials.

Limitation of liability

Matkahuolto is not liable for any errors in the Application or for any problems that might occur during the transfer of data nor is Matkahuolto liable for the Application being unavailable or for any limitations or errors in its function. Matkahuolto’s liability to you and to third parties is, in all circumstances and on all possible grounds, limited to direct damage, and the maximum amount of payable compensation is limited to the price of the service you have purchased via the Application, unless otherwise stipulated in mandatory legislation.

Governing law and disputes

Any disputes that arise between the users and Matkahuolto will primarily be resolved by negotiations between the parties. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, the dispute will be settled at the Helsinki District Court or, alternatively, at the District Court of the user’s permanent residence in Finland. In the event that the dispute cannot be resolved during negotiations between the parties, the user is also entitled to file a complaint with the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board (Consumer Disputes Board, Hämeentie 3, PO Box 306, 00531 Helsinki, Finland

Contact details

Matkahuolto’s website:

Oy Matkahuolto Ab
Postal address: PO Box 100, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
Customer service:

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