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Things that Virtasenkauppa and Matkahuolto have in common:

Based in Finland, focus on corporate responsibility and allocation of resources to online sales and digitalisation.

Virtasenkauppa is a Finnish family business with solid professional skills and decades of experience in a wide variety of fields. Its customer base includes both consumers and other businesses, such as car dealers, repair shops, farms and industry.

Focus on online sales and digitalisation

“With the newly adopted strategy, we’ll focus more and more on online sales and digitalisation. It is a never-ending process of evolution and development. Our ambition is to offer an even faster service to customers and make the purchase transaction more transparent,” says CEO Mikko Wikman of Virtasenkauppa.

Cooperation between Virtasenkauppa and Matkahuolto dates back to the 1950s

“Virtasenkauppa’s cooperation with Matkahuolto works smoothly and both parties appear satisfied, which is reflected in the performance of the delivery chain. We visit Matkahuolto three times a day to speed up deliveries. Matkahuolto’s flexible and punctual local service with familiar faces is a sound basis for efficient cooperation,” says Arttu Kyynäräinen, who is in charge of online sales.

“It’s been a pleasure to develop this cooperation as Virtasenkauppa has proved to be a highly innovative and forward-looking partner. Over the years, the business relationship has practically evolved into a partnership,” says Matkahuolto’s Key Account Manager Juhani Leppänen.

Virtasenkauppa lives and breathes customers whom they wish to serve as well and fast as possible. is allocating a lot of resources for improving its level of service to ensure that customers will feel motivated to visit them again. Both online and in the brick-and-mortar store, people always receive personal service with people serving people. The experiences gained by thousands of customers are shared online and attract a real response.

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Virtasenkauppa’s policy is to offer a one-stop-shop that provides everything you need to run a household, from snow blowers and space heaters to garden supplies and boat trailer accessories. is a leading company in its line of business with a 2.500 m² warehouse stocking some 27,000 products to cater for all needs. The brick-and-mortar store offers a unique overview of the company’s history with a lot of splendid details. It’s really worth a visit!

The story of Virtasenkauppa began over 70 years ago

Originally, the Virtanen brothers founded a car repair shop that was subsequently converted into an engine machining shop. In the 1960s, the brothers expanded into spare parts sales. Over the decades, the product range grew to finally include tens of thousands of items. Virtasenkauppa’s product range offers everything from incubators and bicycle racks to ultrasonic cleaners and toys. All in all, the assortment includes over 3 million items. Even before the online store was opened, was a forerunner in distance sales. The company engaged in telemarketing before digitalisation had reached a point that allowed full-scale online transactions. Originally, the company made its name as a machining shop that was known for its excellent service across Finland, just like is today.

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Check out the online store by clicking on the logo below!

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