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Pick-up code replaces the need to show your ID


We have made it possible to use a pick-up code in our service points, which replaces the need to show your ID or written authorisation when picking up a parcel. The pick-up code is shown at the checkout, where the customer service representative enters the code into the system and hands over the parcel.

The code can be found on the arrival notification and in the incoming parcels view of the Paketit app. It can also be conveniently passed on to another person. The code speeds up the handover process and eliminates the need for the person picking up the parcel to prove their identity or show their authorisation.

Matkahuolto is the first company in the sector to introduce a pick-up code. This change allows us to standardise the customer experience, speed up customer service, improve security processes and significantly reduce paper consumption. 

The pick-up code was introduced at Matkahuolto service points and R-Kiosks at the beginning of November. K Group service points started using the pick-up code in January 2023. A similar code has already been in use for picking up parcels from lockers for four years. 

ID is still required when picking up items to be collected in person.


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