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Matkahuolto invests in growth and customer experience - not forgetting international customers


After major changes to its operating model, Matkahuolto is investing in growth and customer experience. The new logistics terminal to be opened in Turku in the autumn will speed up parcel sorting and enable growth for both domestic and international e-commerce customers. Matkahuolto is also stepping up its already fast deliveries and increasing the number of its outdoor parcel lockers.

Matkahuolto has renewed its service point network and streamlined its operating model significantly over the past year. This is seen in the intensive development of digital ticketing and parcel services, the increase in the number of parcel lockers and the development of physical service points as customer flows have moved to digital channels. After undergoing major changes, Matkahuolto is now investing in the customer experience and new growth opportunities.

Turku terminal enables international growth

Matkahuolto will start operations at the new logistics terminal in Turku in autumn, and the terminal will be fully operational by spring 2024. The investment in the Turku terminal means a multiplication of the current sorting capacity, which will result in faster deliveries to customers and fewer sorting errors. The location of the logistics terminal and advanced technology will also enable Matkahuolto to grow internationally. The investment represents a follow-up to the new logistics terminals in Vantaa, Tampere and Jyväskylä, which came into operation in 2021-2022.

The logistics industry is currently competing for international customers, and we want to offer them first-class service. Our new logistics terminal will serve e-commerce shipments arriving in Finland by ferry and we will be able to offer even faster delivery times. Currently, more than 90% of our parcels are delivered to the recipient on the next working day,” says Kati Nevalainen, Director of Matkahuolto’s Parcel Services and Service Point Network division.

“Out-of-home delivery” is consumers’ number one wish - Matkahuolto invests in outdoor parcel lockers

Matkahuolto was the first to introduce outdoor parcel lockers in Finland in summer 2021, and they were very well received. Soon it will be possible to receive parcels delivered by Matkahuolto even closer to home when the company starts cooperation in Finland with the Swedish iBoxen that provides outdoor parcel lockers. The cooperation will bring the number of outdoor parcel lockers to 100 during the course of this year. The first new outdoor parcel lockers will be introduced in May and will be placed in residential areas adjacent to or in the immediate vicinity of homes in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere and Turku. The parcel lockers can be used to both send and collect parcels around the clock using Matkahuolto’s Paketit app.

Our customers want to be able to pick up their parcels on their own terms, as close to home as possible, regardless of time and place, and outdoor parcel lockers fully satisfy that need. In general, parcel lockers are hugely popular in Finland, and we will increase their number in our network to 1,000 this year,” Nevalainen continues.

Matkahuolto is constantly improving the customer experience. The company is the most respected brand in its sector according to the annual Brand Valuation Survey conducted by Taloustutkimus, and Finnish consumers also ranked Matkahuolto as the most sustainable parcel and logistics brand in the 2023 Sustainable Brand Index study, which is based on consumers’ views and assessments of the sustainability of brands. Alongside digital services, the development of the service point network and the increase in the number of outside parcel lockers will make Matkahuolto an even more attractive partner for international online stores.

"Consumers expect extremely fast delivery, also internationally, so online retailers choose partners based on the speed of delivery from the logistics terminal to the consumer, known as the last mile. Our parcels arrive on average 1.04 working days after the consumer places an order,” Nevalainen explains.

Figures on Matkahuolto parcels

  • Matkahuolto processes 20 million parcels a year.

  • Matkahuolto’s parcel customers are already served by almost 2,300 service points and parcel lockers throughout the country.

  • Matkahuolto’s network will have 100 outdoor parcel lockers and a total of 1,000 parcel lockers by the end of 2023.

  • On average, Matkahuolto delivers parcels within 1.04 working days of ordering.

  • It is advisable to buy parcel delivery in advance online or via the Paketit app. The app also makes it easy to track and manage both your outgoing and incoming parcels.


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