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Starting in 2024, 86% of our domestic trunk transport kilometrage will be driven with renewable fuels


Starting in 2024, 86% of our domestic trunk transport kilometrage will be driven on renewable fuel. With the change, our annual fossil emissions will be reduced by 2,900 tonnes.

At the beginning of January 2024, we will convert more of our fleet to renewable diesel and switch to renewable liquefied biogas (LGB) on six of our trunk routes, accounting for 20% of our trunk transport kilometrage.

The transition to renewable fuels has been implemented in two stages. In September 2023, we switched to using renewable diesel in our trunk transport where our truck fleet allowed us to do so. This accounted for 56% of our trunk transport kilometrage.

“This was a significant change, as this number of vehicles alone consumes more than 55,000 litres of diesel per month, which is equivalent to more than 135,000 kilometres driven. This is equivalent to driving from Hanko to Nuorgam more than 100 times in one month,” said Jaana Korkiakoski, Matkahuolto’s Sustainability Director in our August newsletter, illustrating the positive environmental impact of the first stage of the transition.

We reduce emissions by optimising transport

To meet our ambitious climate targets, we have also increased our transport capacity by introducing longer and higher capacity HCT (High Capacity Transport) trucks. This has reduced the relative emissions of our transports, meaning that more freight is now transported with the same amount of fuel as before.

In addition to the change we are making now, our Climate Roadmap includes more than 40 other measures to advance our science-based sustainability targets and to halve our emissions by 2030.


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