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We use 100% green electricity in our business premises and logistics terminals


At the beginning of 2023, we committed to switch to green electricity in our business premises and logistics terminals as part of our Climate Roadmap to halve our emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

Our annual emission calculations confirm that at the beginning of 2024, 92% of our business premises and logistics terminals were using electricity generated from renewable energy. Most of the electricity we consume is generated by hydropower. At our head office in Kaivokatu, Helsinki, we use electricity generated by wind power.

For the remaining 8% of our electricity consumption, we have obtained guarantees of origin, i.e. green electricity certificates, from VENI Energia. With guarantees of origin, we ensure that the electricity we consume has been produced CO2-free.

"In 2023, we introduced the EcoCompass environment management system based on the ISO 14001 standard at Matkahuolto. With the help of EcoCompass, we have identified the environmental impacts of our operations and committed to measures to reduce them,” says Jaana Korkiakoski, Sustainability Director at Matkahuolto.

Energy efficiency in business premises under close scrutiny

“One of the objectives of our EcoCompass programme is to improve the energy efficiency of our business premises, and we have defined the necessary measures to achieve this goal,” Korkiakoski continues.

In 2023, the electricity consumption of our business premises and logistics terminals was 4,107 MWh and the heat consumption 5,422 M2h. We are improving the energy efficiency of our premises by, for example, optimising door automation and developing our practices and cooperation with lessors.

In addition to green electricity, our Climate Roadmap includes more than 40 other measures to advance our science-based sustainability targets and to halve our emissions by 2030.


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